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Glück- und Segenswünsche 2021

Glück- und Segenswünsche 2021
Liebe Freunde des Dialoges zwischen den Kulturen:

Anlässlich des 75. Jahresjubiläums der UN präsentieren die United Nations die beeindruckende lyrische Hymne "Inson qasidasi" ("Human") von Erkin Vahidov in acht Weltsprachen (Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkish, Arabic, English, Russian, Italian und Tajik).

Der vom usbekischen Künstler Ozodbek Nazarbekov gestaltete Beitrag berührt mit poetischer und musikalischer Prägung und ist als ein Appell und Weckruf an die Menschheit und an die Bewusstheit jedes Einzelnen, unabhängig von Abstammung, Kultur, Religion und ethischer Prägung zu verstehen.
HUMAN von Erkin Vahidov ist als online video-clip in acht Weltsprachen verfügbar. 

Eine Widmung an einen Aufbruch in eine völlig neue Zeit. 

2021 B.E.  H.A.P.P.Y. 🌟

Lasst uns den Dialog finden - den Dialog zwischen den Kulturen. 

DIALOGUE AMONG CIVILIZATIONS Artistic Direction Reinhard Gosch Dialogue Among Civilizations
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YOUTUBE: Ozodbek Nazarbekov - Inson qasidasi

In the universe an far,
You are human, human you are.
In the whole world close and far,
You are supreme; sovereign you are.

Though settled in house to live,
In space you wander exclusive,
In a desert extensive,
Caravan and its guide you are.

Within the earth and above
You´re the only one abound
In this world far and beyond
A true king, lo und behold!

Heir, unshakable in this abode
In the universe navigation round
Trough the desserts of space reinforced,
You're the caravan and it´s leader found!


Sun is in your heart´s heat,
And planets on your two hands sit.
You possess whole world indeed,
You are gardener, doorman you are.

What is this wide world indeed?
A rich castle, a slum in need,
Guesthouse, where once life is lived,
You are the guest; the host you are.

It's the world where right and wrong,
Light and dark, king and poor belong,
They have an etemal strife,
One way or the other you long.

You cause trouble; you incur harm,
Goodness – evil, genuine and sham,
In this schemer world goddamn,
You are cheater; deceived you are.

Sometimes, justice – all you seek,
Unjust you can be to the weak,
In the court of your soul meek,
You are devil, angel you are.

Be you a weed or flower,
Wrapped in chains or have crown power,
Nightingale or owl in bower,
Happy and sad tunes you sing.

This life is jungle indeed,
Creatures do on creatures feed,
Execution with no need,
You are hyena; gazelle you are.

Life is an ocean indeed,
The ocean with vortex in it,
Like water drops no peace meet,
You have no case, whirlpool you are.

Though light of sense you possess,
You show brutality excess,
You are in charge or careless,
You live your life or just survive.

You reached Moon in far away,
You spilt blood with a dagger sway,
Looking back on your own way,
You burst in laugh; burst you in tears.

On the stairs of wit you stepped,
The course to sky of science you kept,
To the whole world, no except,
You are pillar; thriller you are.

You discovered atom,
You invented atom-bomb,
Beholding your tool of doom,
You are amazed; so thrilled you are.

The needy ones can happy be,
If your support they can see,
If not they´re destroyed to be,
You are the storm; shelter you are.

Crescent, star, cross, Torah, Psalm,
Keeping faith in heart and arm,
Be a rich or poor in harm,
You are blessed one; doomed one you are.

With a white or dark-skinned face,
Contesting in race, blood and faith,
Is it not for us disgrace?
You are regret and woe you are.

Country versus country´s set,
Nation against nation turned get,
Ultimately don't forget –
You are regret and woe you are.

Your mother is holy Earth,
Earth is everything of yours,
Earth is sick; for help it roars,
Be a son, be cure for Earth.

On the Earth you found your gay,
Your nutrition for every day,
Like spear in it you dive may,
You are arrow and shield you are.

Time for you to challenge Mars,
Wake up Venus in space sparse,
Time has come, rush towards stars,
Wake up yourself, wake yourself up.

Once you come to this world son,
It's not only all having fun,
The Earth now is to be done –
Garden and heaven by yourself.

Time has come, I need to sum,
If I write I´ll compose divan;
As long as epos of Rustam,
You are epos, divan you are.

May your dawns be bright for long,
May you live and prosper long,
Do your best for the life-long,
You are human; human you are.

Oh, you Erkin, you today,
All the words from heart display,
With mighty world you dare play,
You are witty, silly you are.
Taschkent im Moskau in Berlin
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