In Post-Communist Worlds

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Titel:      In Post-Communist Worlds
Kategorie:      Gesellschaft
BuchID:      2589
Autor:      Martin Scheffer
ISBN-10(13):      978-0595485192
Verlag:      iUniverse
Publikationsdatum:      05/2009
Seitenanzahl:      432
Sprache:      Englisch
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Living and Teaching in Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

Written for a general audience, this is a book of sometimes serious, usually lighthearted, often humorous stories about life in Eastern Europe and Central Asia shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Russian Empire. In Post-Communist Worlds is the product of four years which professor Scheffer and his wife spent inside the former empire: in Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan; "taking life big," while becoming thoroughly engrossed in the author's appointments as a visiting lecturer teaching both students and their teachers about democracy, liberal economy, and other social science subjects.In this lively combination memoir/travel narrative, Dr. Scheffer provides both cultural/historical, and ethnographical description, while recounting numerous personal incidents in his and his wife's life, and offering stories of the lives and events of people they encountered around them. This book provides a fascinating record of a huge, unique event in human history, told with the personal touch of the author's direct experience.

Dr. Martin Scheffer is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Boise State University. His career in higher education has included lecturships in Spain, Mexico, and the former Soviet Union. He and his wife Judy enjoy an active retirement split between travel, gardening, and grandchildren at their home in Nampa, Idaho.

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