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Food Culture in Russia and Central Asia

Titel:      Food Culture in Russia and Central Asia
Kategorie:      Cuisine, Esskultur
BuchID:      1014
Autor:      Glenn R. Mack, Asele Surina
ISBN-10(13):      978-0313327735
Verlag:      Greenwood Pub Group Inc
Publikationsdatum:      06/2005
Seitenanzahl:      262
Sprache:      Englisch
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(Food Culture Around the World)

Russia and the newly independent states of Central Asia are struggling to reassert or create national identities and are receiving fresh attention from the West. After decades of oblivion, the vast Eurasian continent is once again divulging its intense cultural heritage and foodways to the international community. The diversity of food cultures within the former Soviet Union, with more than 100 distinct nationalities, is overwhelming, but this book brilliantly distills the main elements of contemporary cuisine and food-related customs for students and foodies. Vibrant descriptions of the legacy of the Silk Road; the classic foods such as kasha, pirogi, non (flatbread), pickles, and shashlyk (shish kebab); the over-the-top Moscow theme restaurants; and meals at the dacha and tea time are just some of the highlights.

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