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Modern Central Asia

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Titel:      Modern Central Asia
Kategorie:      KINDLE
BuchID:      1644
Autor:      Yuriy Malikov
ISBN-10(13):      ASIN: B082FPT8D5
Verlag:      Lexington Books
Publikationsdatum:      02/2020
Seitenanzahl:      379
Sprache:      Englisch
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A Primary Source Reader (Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultures)

Modern Central Asia: A Primary Source Reader is an academic resource that discusses the basic political, social, and economic evolution of Central Asian civilization in its colonial (1731–1991) and post-colonial (1991–present) periods. Among other aspects of Central Asian history, this source reader discusses resistance and accommodation of native societies to the policies of the imperial center, the transformation of Central Asian societies under Tsarist and Soviet rule, and the history of Islam in Central Asia and its role in nation and state-building processes. This primary source book will be instrumental for familiarizing students with the nationality policies of imperial Russian, Soviet, and post-Soviet governments as well as the effects produced by these policies on the natives of the region. The documents collected in this reader challenge the traditional approach, which has viewed Central Asians as passive recipients of the policies imposed on them by central authorities. Modern Central Asia: A Primary Source Reader demonstrates the active participation of the indigenous peoples in contact with other peoples by examining the natives’ ways of organizing societies, their pre-colonial experience of contact with outsiders, and the structure of their subsistence systems. The source book will also help students situate the major events and activities of Central Asia in a global context. In addition to the value of this collection to the Central Asian historical record, many of the included texts will be essential for comparative analyses and cross-disciplinary approaches in the study of world history.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende
Yuriy Malikov is associate professor of history at SUNY Oneonta. -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine andere Ausgabe: paperback.

A long-overdue collection of sources on modern Central Asia translated into English, this excellent anthology is a very useful teaching tool for students of the region.--Niccolo Pianciola, Lingnan University

For educators engaged in Central Asian history, one of the difficulties has always been to provide primary source materials that students can use to contextualize and situate indigenous peoples in the era and environment of conquest and colonization. Yuri Malikov's collection fills a significant void. The materials selected are highly relevant, skillfully translated, and organized in logical fashion. It is an excellent addition to limited works available to teach modern Central Asian history.--Steven Sabol, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Malikov merits the highest praise for producing a primary source reader that introduces readers to the full array of Russian imperial and Soviet engagement in Central Asia, and the Central Asians' responses. The volume offers a wealth of translations of never-before-published documents which represent a major contribution to the study of modern Central Asia.--Scott Levi, Ohio State University

This collection will be useful for courses in Central Asian and in Russian history. It fills a significant gap in the field.--Shoshana Keller, Hamilton College -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine andere Ausgabe: paperback.

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