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China's Belt and Road

Titel:      China's Belt and Road
Kategorie:      Wirtschaft
BuchID:      936
Autor:      Xugang Yu, Cristiano Rizzi, Mario Tettamanti
ISBN-10(13):      978-9813239531
Verlag:      WSPC
Publikationsdatum:      05/2018
Seitenanzahl:      358
Sprache:      Englisch
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(Series on China's Belt and Road Initiative, Band 2)

This book aims at illustrating the OBOR Initiative (also known as "Belt and Road Initiative" or BRI), its many facets, including its background, and how the Chinese government intends to develop this ambitious project. It describes in detail the role and involvement of Institutions (lenders, in particular) in the OBOR Initiative. It offers guidance on how interested parties can participate in the different projects connected to the Initiative. The views of the authors, on the main aspects of this Initiative, serve as suggestions to parties interested in taking part in this Initiative. The book provides an exceptional amount of information about how projects connected to the BRI Initiative are financed and developed. The involvement of UBS clearly shows that financial institutions are interested in financing the Initiative. There is a special focus on the relationship between China and the EU, because the scope of this Initiative is not only to boost trade relationships between the two regions but also create new opportunities for all the countries along the new Silk Road.

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