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The Story of Astronomy

Titel:      The Story of Astronomy
Kategorie:      Wissenschaft
BuchID:      488
Autor:      Heather Couper, Nigel Henbest
ISBN-10(13):      978-1554073252
Verlag:      Firefly Books Ltd
Publikationsdatum:      10/2007
Seitenanzahl:      288
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Journey through time and space with the greatest astronomers in history. Astronomy is one of the oldest of all the sciences. And yet, its history is also so much more than the history of a science, reflecting our entire culture and providing insight into the evolution of humankind's ideas and ideals over the centuries. This fascinating book tells the amazing story of the development of astronomy, through the key characters in its history from Copernicus to Hubble and Halley, the excitement of new discoveries and the ways in which the history of the skies has affected our lives and how we look at the planet on which we live.The Story of Astronomy celebrates changing perspectives (from the Ancient Greeks to the latest scientific advances) as different cultures, philosophers and scientists sought to come to terms with their, and earth's, place in the Cosmos.Exhaustively researched and containing interviews with many of the world's leading astronomers, including Stephen Hawking, this is the ultimate history of how the universe has revealed itself to us over the millennia.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende
After studying Astrophysics at Oxford University, Heather Couper ran the Greenwich Planetarium, and later became President of the British Astronomical Association and Gresham Professor of Astronomy. She wrote and presented BBC Radio 4's epic 30-part series Cosmic Quest, a groundbreaking overview of the history of astronomy. Nigel Henbest researched radio astronomy at Cambridge, where he studied supernovae, radio galaxies and quasars. Together, Heather and Nigel set up Pioneer Productions, now one of the leading factual TV companies in the UK. Arthur C. Clarke was one of the world's most famous and prolific science fiction writers. also renowned worldwide for more than 70 other works, and the CBS coverage of Apollo 12 and 15, as well as Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World.

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