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A History of Russian Turkestan

Titel:      A History of Russian Turkestan
Kategorie:      Turkestan
BuchID:      638
Autor:      Francis Skrine
ISBN-10(13):      978-1500906498
Verlag:      Francis Skrine
Publikationsdatum:      08/2014
Seitenanzahl:      168
Sprache:      Englisch
Bewertung:      0 
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and the Central Asian Khanates from the Earliest Times

Francis Henry Skrine’s A History of Russian Turkestan and the Central Asian Khanates from the Earliest Times is a comprehensive study of the history of Russia and its interactions with their neighbors to the east, from the time of Alexander up until the 19th century. Skrine noted in the preface: “A time when Russia's movements in the East are being watched by all with such keen interest seems a fitting one for the appearance of a work dealing with her Central Asian possessions. "That eternal struggle between East and West," to quote Sir William Hunter's apt phrase, has made Russia supreme in Central Asia, as it has made England mistress of India : and thus it has come to pass that two of the greatest European Powers find themselves face to face on the Asiatic Continent. On the results of that contact depends the future of Asia. Ten years have elapsed since Lord Curzon of Kedleston published his work entitled Russia in Central Asia, and in the interval no book on this subject has appeared in English. The intervening period has been one of change— almost of transformation—in the countries so brilliantly described by the present Viceroy of India. The authors of the present work have visited independently the land of which they write, and each may claim to have had exceptional facilities for studying those questions in which they were most interested.”

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