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Turkestan and the Fate of the Russian Empire

Titel:      Turkestan and the Fate of the Russian Empire
Kategorie:      Turkestan
BuchID:      636
Autor:      Daniel Brower
ISBN-10(13):      978-0415297448
Verlag:      Routledge
Publikationsdatum:      11/2002
Seitenanzahl:      238
Sprache:      Englisch
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Central Asian Studies

The central argument of this work is that the half-century of Russian rule in Central Asia was shaped by traditions of authoritarian rule, by Russian national interests and by a civic reform agenda that brought to Turkestan the principles that informed Alexander II's reform policies. This civilizing mission sought to lay the foundations for a rejuvenated, "modern" empire, unified by imperial citizenship, patriotism, and a shared secular culture. Evidence for Brower's thesis is drawn from major archives in Uzbekistan and Russia. Use of these records permitted him to develop this interpretation of Russian colonialism in Turkestan that draws on the evidence of policy-making, imperial objectives and relations with subject peoples. 

"[T]his study proves extremely valuable in exposing administrative agendas and complications that affected not just the faraway colony, but the core itself, in late Imperial Russia."-"The Russian Review, Jeff Sahadeo "Brower's portrayal of the important colonial figures...is the most valuable contribution of the book....An original study."-"Central Eurasian Studies Review "This book is a welcome addition to the recent excellent studies of the non-Christian peoples of the Russian empire....Those unfamiliar with the history of the Russian Turkestan will find this a good and highly readable book."-"Slavic Review

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