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In the Tracks of Tamerlane

Titel:      In the Tracks of Tamerlane
Kategorie:      Zentralasien
BuchID:      1019
Autor:      Dan Burghart, Theresa Sbonis-Helf
ISBN-10(13):      978-1478268161
Verlag:      CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publikationsdatum:      07/2012
Seitenanzahl:      500
Sprache:      Englisch
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Central Asia's Path to the 21st Century

When examining the ebb and flow of events in the region called Central Asia, one is struck by the magnitude of the impact that this area has had throughout history. Yet in spite of this record, very little is known about this part of the world today. Central Asia always has found itself wedged between Europe and Asia, and as such, has been at the crossroads of relations between the two. In physical terms, this can be seen graphically in the trade routes of the Great Silk Road. In philosophical terms, it is an area where Western beliefs met and mingled with Eastern ways, often resulting in unusual and unique hybrids of thought and culture. Nor has the area’s significance been limited to that of providing a meeting place for other cultures. For over 100 years, between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, the armies of Genghis Khan and later Tamerlane spread from Central Asia to conquer and exert their influence over an area larger than the conquests of Alexander, Rome or Hitler. The repercussions of these conquests can still be seen today and serve as a reminder of the impact the region has had, and may again have, on world events.

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