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A Ride to Khiva: An Adventure in Central Asia

Titel:      A Ride to Khiva: An Adventure in Central Asia
Kategorie:      Geschichte
BuchID:      1383
Autor:      Freytag-Berndt und Artaria KG , Fred Burnaby
ISBN-10(13):      978-1780601120
Verlag:      Eland Publishing Ltd
Publikationsdatum:      09/2017
Seitenanzahl:      264
Sprache:      Englisch
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Mission Impossible – the Central Asian city of Khiva, closed to Europeans by the Russians and a possible springboard for an invasion of India. The man to undertake it – Captain Fred Burnaby, six foot four in his socks, a brilliant horseman, a crack shot and strong as an ox, with eight languages under his belt. In the winter of 1875, braving frostbite and snowdrifts and unbeknown to his army superiors who would have forbidden it, he set out across Central Asia to investigate the latest secret Russian moves in the Great Game. His delight in a life of risk and adventure still burns through the pages of these youthful travels, as does his spontaneous affection for the Cossack troopers and the Tartar, Khirgiz and Turkoman tribesmen he encountered on his way to meet the Khan of Khiva. Once there, Burnaby was immediately ordered home by an alarmed government. And in London, he sat down and wrote this bestselling account of his adventures.

First published in 1876, this is the story of soldier and adventurer Frederick Burnaby's fascinating and dangerous journey from the steppes of southern Russia to the city of Khiva in what is now Uzbekistan. Part travelogue and part daring exploits, Burnaby's entertaining account will appeal to armchair travelers, fans of adventure fiction, and anyone interested in firsthand accounts of the Great Game, when the Russian and British Empires vied for control of Central Asia. British soldier and writer FREDERICK BURNABY (1842-1885) was a member of the Royal Horse Guards, and in 1882, he became the first balloonist to cross the English Channel alone. Three years later, he died from a spear wound sustained in battle in the Sudan. He also wrote On Horseback Through Asia Minor (1878). -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine andere Ausgabe: paperback.

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Author of On Horseback Through Asia Minor, and founder of the Vanity Fair journal, Frederick Burnaby did a great deal of active service in the British army and was killed in action in 1885. Peter Hopkirk is a highly acclaimed travel writer and best-selling author of The Great Game.

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