The Turfan Dialect of Uyghur Print
Titel:      The Turfan Dialect of Uyghur
BuchID:      986
Autor:      Abdurishid Yakup
ISBN-10(13):      978-3447052337
Verlag:      Harrassowitz, O
Seitenanzahl:      488
Sprache:      English
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This volume presents a synchronic description of the phonology, morphology and lexicon of a local variety of modern Uyghur, which is mainly spoken in Turfan, one of the famous ancient cultural centres in the Silk Road. It includes three descriptive chapters, a rather large corpus of texts and a dialect vocabulary. Descriptive chapters focus mainly on actual and uniform phonological, morphological and lexical features distinguishing this local dialect from the standard form and other regional varieties of modern Uyghur, whereas the text part provides a comprehensive and reliable linguistic sample of all possible regional varieties of the Turfan dialect and presents a corpus of oral history and folk literature of the Turfan region, reflecting ethnological and geographical peculiarities of the local settlements. All data are given in International Phonetic Alphabet together with a direct translation as well as with linguistic and extra-linguistic explanations.