The Road to Oxiana Print
Titel:      The Road to Oxiana
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Autor:      Robert Byron, Colin Thubron, Robert Byron, Robert Byron, Robert Byron
ISBN-10(13):      ASIN: B07RNMKLD6
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Spieldauer: 11 Stunden und 46 Minuten
Autor: Robert Byron
Sprecher: Barnaby Edwards

In 1933, Robert Byron set off from Venice with his friend Christopher Sykes to explore the architecture of the Middle East. Their long and arduous journey took them from Cyprus and Jerusalem to Syria, Iraq, Persia, Afghanistan, and finally, Oxiana, a tiny country around the river Oxus, the Greek name for the river Amu Darya, which snakes down from Russia into Afghanistan. They travel by any means necessary (truck, camel, horses, and foot), and encounter several setbacks, but their risks are rewarded as they encounter some of the greatest examples of Eastern art and architecture, many of which have now vanished forever. 

Funny and erudite, The Road to Oxiana's combination of exquisite lyricism, detail, and humor gave birth to a new kind of travel literature, serving as inspiration for later writers such as Bruce Chatwin, Peter Matthiesson, and Jan Morris.